IAN HANKS 🎧 ihnk-300x184 About    Ian Hanks Music


My name’s Ian Hanks. Welcome to my website!

I’m a Music producer & songwriter. I’ve been making music for a while now and have worked with several artists during the last few years. I specialize in electronic dance music (house, trap, deep…).

I believe that the key to making good music is to always be true to yourself, to your feelings, to how you want the world to perceive you through your creations. And that’s why I’ve spent the last few years working all the time on improving my knowledge, developing my sound and trying to put my music out.

I’m offering you a bunch of instrumentals ready to write lyrics to and get ’em bouncing on the charts.

With that being said, I’m also open to work with artists and creative people. You can contact me for:

[ Customized Beats | Mixing&Mastering | Songwriting | Ghost Production | Collaborations ]

Check out some of my original songs:

Ian Hanks & Devastor – Supernatural (ft. Harley Huke)


Stay tuned for more original tracks!


-Ian Hanks